Hello World, we are KNO.
We are building this community to scratch our own itch and we think it can help you too.

Our goal is to create a circle of virtue. By making every member of our community better we in turn make ourselves better, and invest those improvements back into the community.
Kno is where you can find a community of people you turn to, to help solve your problems and achieve your dreams goals and ambitions.

Everything you want to do has been done by someone else before.
The problem is, you probably don’t know who they are, and if you do, don’t have access to them.  So we thought, why not get as many of those people together and have them share what they know, with anyone who wants to know. So, we created kno. 

We imagined having access to proven, real-world knowledge, things not written in books, mentioned online or shown in the movies. We wanted the ability to pick their brains, tap into the knowledge and experience of those who had done what we wanted to, and have them show us the way, or guide us through. Also, to have a personal conversation and discover insights that only tend to come out when people speak to one another. 

In short, we want to achieve our goals, and obtain everything we dream of, and we want to help you to do the same too. So, when you need help, or find yourself at your next hurdle, before you reinvent the wheel, try standing on the shoulders of giants, experts and those who have achieved the success you’re looking for. With a solution that’s been proven, or just faster, better or both, with less stress and costly mistakes.

Now you can do more than wish for it, talk to someone who has lived and knows it. Save time, and be better than the average, and achieve whatever you want to.

So now that you don’t have to guess anymore. What do you want to kno?